Job: Investigator

Title Investigator
Categories General
Salary Volunteer
Start Date 2015-09-30
Location Billings, Montana
Job Information

Conducts investigations of paranormal phenomenon using scientific methodology with a focus to debunk strange occurrences. Conducts investigation of client locations using EMF meters, audio/video recording devices, digital cameras and other applicable equipment. Examines evidence obtained during the investigation for identification and analysis. Reports findings of evidence from investigations to Tech Manager or management team. Performs any duties necessary as assigned by management.


  1. Investigates client location and attempts to debunk client’s claims or document paranormal activity.
  2. Assists in setup/breakdown of equipment at client location under the direction of Lead Investigator / Evidence Manager.
  3. Reviews evidence recorded with personal equipment and submits findings. Will be required and assigned to assist Evidence Manager with review of evidence with group equipment. Will be responsible for meeting assigned deadlines set by Evidence Manager for evidence review.
  4. Follows the direction of Lead Investigator or management team member and assists in duties as assigned.
  5. Must be able to provide the following equipment within the probation period:
    1. Digital Recorder with USB
    2. EMF Meter/Mel Meter
    3. Digital Camera with flash (Cell phone cameras are not acceptable)
    4. Flashlight
  6. Must be able to participate in 80% of meetings. We meet twice a month.
  7. Required to participate in annual continuing education as directed by management.
  8. Must be at least 18 years old.


Reports to: Lead Investigator

NOTE: All positions within the Montana Paranormal Research Society are volunteer. There is no compensation at all. Members are strongly urged to carry medical insurance. Any activity sponsored by the MTPRS is not insured and you participate at your own risk.

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