The night starts off like any other night when the MTPRS investigates, letting things settle and become calm, acclimating to the sounds within the building before sending out teams to different areas to investigate, with one group heading to the second floor, the other heading to the main floor. Due to the openness of the location, the team on the main floor remained silent while the other team on floor two performed an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session.  There was excitement when both groups could hear music playing, but alas it wasn’t anything paranormal but was an outdoor concert playing nearby the Moss Mansion.  But it soon ended and then things could resume.

After about an hour or so, things changed as the teams return to command and let another team head up to the third floor/ballroom and attic. The ballroom had two trigger objects in the form of stuffed animals. These was done due to stories of the Moss kids playing in that upstairs room and in the attic, so if the spirits of those kids were still there, why not see if having toys such as a stuffed dog and frog could entice them to play with said objects. As some of the members of the team went to the attic, others stayed in the ballroom, taking EMF (Electromagnetic Field) readings around the room to get a baseline.  Over by a wooden shelving rack for some of the rugs that the Moss Mansion owns, K2 hits were being found amongst the rugs, but nothing consistent but interesting as they were high hits. After that little bit of excitement things soon die down in that area of the house and soon return to command.

Next came two groups that went out, one heading to the third floor to continue further investigating with a different plan of attack by implementing the use of flashlights in order to conduct a Yes/No session while the other team went to the main floor to stay silent in the dining room as to not contaminate their session upstairs. The acoustics of the house is odd enough to where sounds can be heard easily between the floors.  As random K2 hits were happening in the dining room, the team on the third floor has great success with the flashlights as they were able to get them to come on. The this is done is when a maglight flashlight is twisted to the point of almost turning on, but leaving it just at that point in order to allow an entity to try and turn it on. During that time the group believed they made contact with Virginia Moss, a child that had passed in the mansion, and seemed she was happy we were there, as well as happy to see the plushies that were up in the ballroom as well.

Both groups return to command and allow another team to go out and do a flashlight Yes/No session in the dining room as a test. With the previous teams’ success with this method the third team wanted to see if it could happen in another location. They started by asking for whoever maybe there, to please turn on the flashlight when they got its’ name. When they got to ‘Virginia’ two of the flashlights turned on at the same time, as well as turned on and off at other questions. When this happened, it seemed too coincidental and caused much discussion about it amongst the entire team afterwards.

Overall we did not capture much audio or visual evidence this time at the Mansion. And due to a perfectly placed flower pot we were not able to get video of a very unusual flashlight session.

Want to hear some Moss Mansion evidence?

We recommend using over the ear headphones to listen to EVP’s. Many times these are very hard to hear without headphones.

General Clip Information:

This clip was captured in the master bedroom. Two investigators are in the room and all equipment except the K2 and Audio fail leaving them in the dark. The audio has been amplified.

What we think about this clip!

We believe at the 10 second mark a male voice whispers “Bring me flashlight”. This would be relevant considering our flashlights and cameras just quit.

General Clip Information:

This clip was captured in the French Parlor. Several investigators has just walked out of the room when the last investigator reports being touched on the shoulder. The audio has been amplified.

What we think about this clip!

We believe that there are two EVPs in this recording. The first one occurs at the 3 second mark saying “don’t move” and then again at 8 second mark saying “I can’t come with you”.

General Clip Information:

This clip was captured in the kitchen area. One investigator comments on the house being nice. The audio has been amplified.

What we think about this clip!

We believe in this clip you hear the response to the investigators comment of the house being really nice. You hear a female voice saying “Thank You” after the comment.

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