Request Investigation FAQ

Do you investigate apartment or condos?

Due to limitations in space and privacy the MTPRS will not investigate apartments. The only exception to this would be having total access to the entire complex and all apartments.

Do you charge to investigate?

No, no member of the MTPRS will ever request payment for any services from our group. Our payment is the ability to study this type of activity and to help people understand what is actually going on in the home or business.

Will you remove any spirits or entities from my home or business?

No, the MTPRS is not qualified to exercise your home. Our goal is to shed some light on what is going on and help understand the phenomenon. Most of the time when we conduct our investigation and find paranormal activity our clients learn it is not as scary as they once thought. However if after the investigation you still would like to find a solution to remove the entity we can direct you in the right direction.

I have a pet, what should I do?

When we investigate we do use audio and video recorders that are very sensitive. In some cases we use motion detectors as well. We understand your pet is part of the family however if possible we ask that you find a place for your pet to stay for the night. This helps us reduce contamination of the footage recorded.

Can I stay for the investigation?

We prefer that all people associated with the property or claims are not on site during this investigation. This is due to possible contamination of the evidence. We do understand that you may not want to turn your home or business over to strangers and can assure you that all of our members pass a full background check. Our background screening is renewed yearly to ensure that all members are free of any criminal record. However if you are still uneasy we ask that you designate one person to stay for the case. We are unable to investigate with large groups or family members present. In addition we ask that any children stay with family or friends.

What is your policy on Drugs & Alcohol?

Client - Drugs & Alcohol Policy

The Montana Paranormal Research Society has a strict no Alcohol &
Drug policy that is enforced during investigations. The client must
agree to refrain from using any mind-altering drugs or alcohol 24
hours prior/during an investigation. This policy is in place to
protect our investigators, yourself, and any evidence captured.

If drugs or alcohol is suspected the lead investigator will call off
the investigation, immediately remove all equipment, and leave the
investigation site. The MTPRS will not reschedule an investigation
that has been canceled due to the use of drugs or alcohol.

The MTPRS is very busy with several cases. If your case is scheduled
and then canceled due to this policy we do not have the resources to
schedule again as other families also need assistance.

Your adherence to this policy is greatly appreciated.

I am under the age of 18 how do I request an investigation?

If you are under the age of 18 you will need to have a parent or guardian make the request. We are not able to assist with your case without a legal parents permission to do so.

I do not own/manage the site how do I request an investigation?

We are unable to take requests from people not associated with the site or manages the location. If you feel this area needs to be investigation please make contact with the site owner/manager and have them contact us. We would be happy to work with them in setting up an interview.

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