How we collect data

We are here to help people who claim to be experiencing paranormal activity. Our Methods are simple: Look at everything from a logical point of view and perform various tests to try and debunk those claims.

We use various devices during investigations in order to help identify the cause of possible activity. Devices include: Electro Magnetic Field Detector, K2 Meter, Digital Audio Recorder, Mini DV Camera, Digital Thermometer, and Digital Camera. We use these to help assist the investigations team in collecting evidence. We also do additional research on locations in order to validate claims.

Consider all your options:
Request Investigation

Residential Investigations

Generally when we are contacted, we are asked to investigate a private residence. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the answers you need. Our team will arrive on time, prepared and ready to investigate to help determine if you have a legitimate haunting.

Commercial/Historic Investigations

These types of investigations are usually done to confirm or deny rumors of a haunting at a workplace or historical location. A good example of this kind of investigation could be an old hospital, abandoned hotel or even a museum.

Please only fill out this form if you are interested in being contacted for assistance. Please also be aware that your first contact from us will be via email. It is important that you respond to our messages so we can continue to assist you. If you have no intention of responding, please do not fill out this form. If you need help, or would like an investigation, we truly do want to hear from you. The MTPRS is a TAPS Family Member. We have no affiliation with the show Ghost Hunters on SyFy other then being part of the TAPS Family. Please do not think your case will be filmed for the show Ghost Hunters and be advised that Jason and the core TAPS team will not be able to investigate your site.

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