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Request Help

NOTE: Please only fill out this form if you are interested in being contacted for assistance. Please also be aware that your first contact from us will be via email. It is important that you respond to our messages so we can continue to assist you. If you have no intention of responding, please do not fill out this form. If you need help, or would like an investigation, we truly do want to hear from you. The MTPRS is a TAPS Family Member. We have no affiliation with the show Ghost Hunters on SyFy other then being part of the TAPS Family. Please do not think your case will be filmed for the show Ghost Hunters and be advised that Jason and the core TAPS team will not be able to investigate your site.

The Montana Paranormal Research Society is dedicated to helping people. Investigations are conducted at no cost to the client. We pledge to handle each case with professionalism and integrity. Your privacy will be respected throughout all phases of the investigation.

Client Profile:

We are unable to respond to requests that are not from the site owner/manager. Please have the owner/manager contact us for further assistance.
If you are under the age of 18, we must have your parent or guardian make the request.
Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota are in our coverage area. However we work with the TAPS family and can forward your case to someone in your area. During certain times of the year the MTPRS may have higher than normal case loads. This may cause your case to be scheduled out further then we would like. In some cases we may also have a partner group in your area that can assist you. Please select an option for your privacy.

Site Information:

Please take a moment and describe the location to us so we can better prepare for your case. The more information provided the better.

In this area please discribe the location. Example: This house is a two story 3 bedroom Victorian home. We have a detached garage and fenced back yard. The house is approximately 3500 square feet.

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MTPRS Investigation Drug & Alcohol Policy:

The Montana Paranormal Research Society has a strict no Alcohol & Drug policy that is enforced during investigations. The client must agree to refrain from using any mind-altering drugs or alcohol 24 hours prior/during an investigation. This policy is in place to protect our investigators, yourself, and any evidence captured.
If drugs or alcohol is suspected, the lead investigator will call off the investigation, immediately remove all equipment, and leave the investigation site. The MTPRS will not reschedule an investigation that has been canceled due to the use of drugs or alcohol.
The MTPRS is very busy with several cases. If your case is scheduled and then canceled, due to this policy we do not have the resources to schedule again as other families also need assistance.
Your adherence to this policy is greatly appreciated.