Code of Conduct

The Montana Paranormal Research Society is bound by our code of conduct; as such please take a moment to read over our code so you understand how our group works.

  • The Montana Paranormal Research Society provides services completely free of charge.
  • Our clients confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Therefore the MTPRS will release case information only with written approval from the client. Confidentiality is respected and will not leave this group for any reason.*
  • Trespassing is strictly prohibited within this group. At no time will any member of the MTPRS investigate a site without prior authorization.
  • The MTPRS will not condone the destruction of property, personal or public during any investigation. Any damage incurred during an investigation will be the responsibility of the MTPRS.
  • The MTPRS draws no conclusions from personal experiences. Conclusions are based on scientific evidence gathered and researched by our investigators.
  • The MTPRS does not condone the falsification of paranormal evidence or activity.
  • The MTPRS is dedicated to assisting any and all clientele to the best of our abilities.

Member Bylaws

1. During investigations, members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.  This includes professionalism to home and business owners at all times.

2. No alcohol is permitted before or during an investigation.  No MTPRS member is permitted to use any form of illegal drugs at any time.  If alcohol or drug use is suspected, that member will be immediately and permanently dismissed from MTPRS.

3. No perfumes, colognes or other fragrances should be worn during an investigation, as this can interfere with other investigators’ senses.

4. During an investigation, members will respect the property of our host/client.  It is each individual’s responsibility to replace or repair any item they damage on an investigation.

5. MTPRS prohibits all members from doing freelance investigations, either as an MTPRS representative or as an individual.  All investigative leads that are generated shall be shared with the group and planning for these investigations will be decided by all group members.

6. No children under the age of 18 years are permitted at investigations or to be involved in research with MTPRS.  MTPRS tries to schedule investigations around our member’s personal needs; however we may not be able to accommodate all investigations for each and every member.  Thus, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have proper childcare arrangements so you can attend investigations.

7. No MTPRS member is permitted to bring guests to an investigation unless there is prior approval from the group.  If a guest is permitted to attend, they will also be expected to comply with our bylaws.  If they do not agree to do so, they will not be permitted to attend.

8. During an investigation, there will be no smoking inside the location, no horseplay and no profanity.  Voices should be kept at a conversational level.  If you must smoke, please return to your car or a designated area to do so.

9. Any member who does not attend meetings regularly without a valid excuse will be placed on probation.  If attendance does not improve, the member will be dismissed.

10. Members who are absent from pre-investigation briefings will not be permitted to participate in that investigation.

11. MTPRS members shall keep all client information and locations confidential, unless the client has signed a release form.  No exceptions.

12. No MTPRS member shall contact any media source concerning an investigation, client information, event or group information unless it is approved by the founding members of the group and all involved members.  This is done to protect the rights, privacy and reputation of MTPRS and its clients.

13. All members are required to help do field research and generate leads for investigations.

14. Each member will be required to follow pre-investigation, investigation, and post-investigation procedures.

15. All evidence collected as a result of MTPRS investigations becomes property of the group.  Any former member that requests the use of any evidence collected during their membership period must first obtain permission from the group.

16. MTPRS Paranormal Investigations conducts investigations only.  At no time shall any member of the team attempt to remove entities from a location, or make any claim that the team will attempt to do so.

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