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Yellowstone Art Museum Investigation Raffle!

on Wed, 01/22/2014 - 21:39

Enter for your chance to win a full ghost hunt at the famous Yellowstone Art Museum!

Did you know the YAM was first the area Jail? This building has had it share of ghostly stories. Join the MTPRS for a full night official ghost hunt of the Yellowstone Art Museum. You will have the chance to use all the equipment. Learn techniques of the trade and collect your own evidence. You never know what will be around the corner lurking in the dark!

Investigation Date: April 12th 2014 Billings, Montana

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Who are we? We are a professional team of investigators. We seek to find the scientific and logical reasons when it comes to paranormal activity. Only through these methods can we find the truth. Do we charge? No. We are a nonprofit group and are available if assistance is needed. Our main goal with each investigation is not only to seek out the paranormal but to educate those that believe that they are experiencing activity.

Need Help?

The Montana Paranormal Research Society is dedicated in helping those dealing with possible paranormal activity. We make every effort to find the root cause whether it's paranormal or just natural. If you are in need of our services we urge you to contact us. We understand this decision has not been realized lightly and will keep your case confidential.

Click here to contact our case manager.

Historical & Business Locations

The MTPRS is actively seeking historical locations to perform ghost hunts.  If you know of a location and would like the MTPRS to investigate please contact us. These types of investigations are usually done to confirm or deny rumors of a haunting at a workplace or historical location. A good example of this kind of investigation could be an old hospital, abandoned hotel or even a museum.

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Raising Our Spirits

on Fri, 09/20/2013 - 14:45
Join real ghost hunters to investigate areas where paranormal activity has been recorded, utilizing the latest ghost hunting equipment and testing techniques, in the legendary Western Heritage Center building.
Saturday, October 26
4:30 pm - Session One
Program & Ghost Hunt
$25.00 each
8:00 pm - Session Two
Program & Ghost Hunt
Share your experiences at a Cocktail Reception & ‘I Survived the Haunted Museum!’ tote
$50.00 each
Call 256-6809 to reserve tickets. or click here

The Montana Paranormal Research Society uses a wide verity of equipment to help detect and debunk claims of the paranormal. Please keep in mind there is no specific piece of equipment that has been designed to detect paranormal phenomena. We must adapt equipment to our needs and follow the theory's.

EMF Meter:

Electromagnetic Field meter is a tool we use to determine the level of EMF’s at a location. Theory is that when a ghost or entity manifests it draws in energy causing the EMF’s to increase. The use of the meter aids in finding high fields and guides the investigation team.
Furthermore, we also use the meter to identify high levels in a home or business. At this time research is limited to the effect of high EMF’s on humans. In most cases high EMF’s are associated with wiring and electrical equipment. It is believed that exposure to this force may cause paranoia, skin irritation, hallucinations. The United States have not set a standard or regulation on EMF’s at this time.

KII Meter:

In theory the use of this device may allow direct communication with a entity providing that EMFs are manipulated by spirits. The KII meter measures EMFs in a different fashion then the traditional EMF meter. This device displays spikes in EMFs on the five colored LED lights. It is believed that if you are able to ask an entity to pass close to this device it should light up. This also holds true with asking questions regarding who or what the entity may be. Asking the entity to respond to questions by lighting up the devices LED lights helps confirm claims of a haunting in a location.

However this device is very experimental as there are many factors that will trigger the activity lights. With this in mind The MTPRS adheres to a very strict KII policy when conducting a session.


Cold spots in theory can be associated with spirit activity. The theory is when an entity manifests it will draw all available energy thus causing a cold spot. The MTPRS uses two types of thermometers to measure cold spots.
The first type and the main instrument for this job is the Thermocouple thermometer. This is not the type you will see on many of the ghost hunting shows out. This device uses a probe to measure the ambient air temperature.
Many investigators make the mistake of using only the IR non contact thermometer. While this is useful it will only give a reading of the surface of an object that the device is aimed at. Ambient air temperature is the actual reading of the temperature of the room’s air.
The MTPRS does use the non contact IR thermometers to measure surface temperatures of objects. This will allow us to find anomalous readings from objects as well. 

Digital Voice Recorders:

In the study of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP’s) we use several digital voice recorders. It is believed that some spirits are not able to directly communicate with the living. Using an digital voice recorder allows our investigators to ask a series of questions to an entity. However it is not until after we review the recordings are we able to hear the responses.
EVPs are separated into classes by quality. The MTPRS uses three main classes to rate the quality of a EVP.  The classes are A (Very Good), B (Fair), C (Anomalous).

Digital Recorders Details


Thomas Edison in the late 1800’s believed that using a recording medium would allow communications with spirits. However Thomas Edison was not believed to have created any such device for this purpose. It was not until 1941 when the first attempts were made by a American photographer Attila Von Szalay. Attila made his first attempts on a 78 rpm record, but it was not until 1956 after switching to a reel-to-reel tape recorder did he actually believe that he was successful.


Wireless Audio:

Wireless audio allows us to cover areas that are hard to access. Using a Shure wireless microphone kit and transmitter we are able to record real time using Adobe Audition or Cool Edit Pro.
The system is setup to transmit up to 900 feet to the base station at our command center. From the base station the system sends the audio to an HP NX6110 laptop running Adobe Audition. We then can record in real time.

Video Cameras:

The MTPRS does use a wide array of video cameras. All of our cameras are equipped with IR LED systems to allow the device to see is total darkness. IR is a type of light that is not visible to the human eye. Only our cameras are able to see in the darkness. In theory IR light will help illuminate entity’s allowing the cameras to be a very useful tool.
Currently the MTPRS uses Sony Handycam Hi-8 camcorders for investigations. We also expand the night vision range by including additional on camera mounted IR illuminators.

Video Cameras Used by the MTPRS

Still Photography:

The MTPRS utilizes many digital cameras for still image photography at locations. We do not use any 35mm cameras at this time. After working with digital and 35mm we have concluded that the use of the 35mm is no longer needed.

The MTPRS does not use cameras lower than 5.0 megapixel.  Anything below is prone to problems with night shot and motion blur. This will cause false positives. Unlike many organizations we do not count orbs in the photographs as proof of paranormal activity.
Orbs appear in many photos and are nothing more than dust, moisture, insects or lighting illusions. For more information about orbs please see our terminology section by clicking here.

New Photo Equipment

The MTPRS is now using a brand new Moditronic 12MP Deep Infrared camera. This camera shoots photos in the IR spectrum of light. This spectrum is believed to yield more results then the visible light spectrum. For more information check out our new equipment page!

Passive Infrared Motion Sensors (PIR)

The MTPRS does use motion sensors to help in alerting of possible paranormal activity. The types of motion detectors in use are called Passive Infrared Motion Sensors or PIR for short. PIR’s are very similar to motion detectors units installed in modern home security systems. Our units are battery operated and are portable. They can be placed in many locations such as hallways and rooms.
PIR’s do not send out any type of beam. The unit is a receiver for infrared heat. Everything that is above absolute zero degrees gives off a infrared heat signature. Most units are designed to alarm only if the object detected is larger than 30lbs. This helps in eliminating possible false alarms due to pets and insects.